Lake Elizabeth Mutual Water Co.

Gist Tank



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Leveling the pad for the tank 
 Is this the one that gos with that one, or that one?
 Wow, theses thing are heavy!
 Are you sure it dosen't go over there?
 The top's & bottom's came on one trailer, and here the side's on the other trailer.
 Nowhere to turn around, so backing up the hill is the only way.
 come on back! come on, your fine. keep it coming back.
 Unloding the first set of sides.
 Finish bottom, sides being unloaded
Getting the second set of side off the trailer..
 What a great view. Hay I think I can see your house from here?
 easy dose it
 View looking southeast
 View looking south.
 New tank near finished.
 New tank looking north.
 Glad this is gone.


The old 10,000-gallon (not in use) has been torn down, a new pad and 20,000-gallon tank erected. With easement restrictions this is as large of a tank we can fit up there. We like to Thank our property owner for the increased easement. This tank all thou small, well help the north side with surge pressures. If ever another crises, where the north would be isolated, we would have near 18,000-gallons in storage for you.