Lake Elizabeth Mutual Water Co.
Flooding 1/8/2005


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missing 45' 45' of main line washed out.
washout View looking North behind Ranch Club.
one end of pipe Showing one end of the 12" main.
repairs End Of 2nd day ready to disinfect line.
new repair We then flush the line, Test it, Put back in service.
Ranch Club And Sandrock Ranch Club Rd. & Sandrock Rd. 
Booster tank sandrock Our "Sandrock booster pump and tank" 
Ranch Club / Montello Ranch Club Rd. Looking up Montello Dr. 
ballpark The Ballpark
Have I got a deal for you Have I got a deal for you. A house on the lake?
Walkatop rd. At the end of Walkatop Rd. 
Walkatop damage The Water Company checks the damage on Walkatop Rd.. 
Walkatop Wash Park at your own risk. 
Looking South Walkatop Rd. looking to the Southwest 
Is that our pipe? "Is this ours?" 
Joey Rd. Joey Rd. on the West side 
Lakemont Rd. Lakemont Rd. and Ranch Club Rd. The last of the repairs 
Repairs on Lakemont Rd. Putting it together,  
Last Repairs Drop it in, Disinfect, Flush & Test. Back in service