Lake Elizabeth Mutual Water Co.
14960 Elizabeth Lake Road
Elizabeth Lake,  California  93532
Telephone Number  661-724-1806
Fax Number  661-724-1281

Elizabeth Lake School children and bus, 1929.
This photo taken in 1952, at the laggons on the West side of Ranch Club Rd. across from the Ballpark.
This photo taken in 1952, at the laggons on the West side of Ranch Club Rd. across from the Ballpark.
Joan Mockabee Horseback ridding
on the old horse trail at Kiptree Dr.
near Dogwood Dr., now golf cart path.
South/West side of
Elizabeth Lake looking East.
Helen Mockabee
Ranch Club at the time when
The Lake Elizabeth Development Company
purchased the Land. Circa 1947
The Cleanup begins at the Ranch Club.
Club Members enjoying the new
Ranch Club. Circa 1949.
New Members
enjoing the Great Outdoors of the
Lake Elizabeth Ranch Club. Circa 1950.
Addition to the Ranch Club.
(lower right)
Aunt Helen with
Ranch Club Members,
Allen, Helen, Gayle, Joanie
and the Ranch Dog
Sunnydale Dr. & Lookabout Rd. taken
from and looking at one of the Lodges
rented to Club Members 1960's
Sunnydale Dr. at one
of the Ranch Club Lodges, 1960's
Montello Dr. Before the
Road was paved early '60,
and the Swimming Pond
Montello Dr. dirt road,
Elizabeth Lake, Dry! 1961
Approx. 1960 Looking towards Sandy Ridge Rd. & Coolcrest Drive / on the right
This was the Lodge the Allen's built.
Sandy Ridge Rd. & Ranch Club Rd.
View from the Allen's Lodge.
Sandy Ridge Rd. & Ranch Club Rd.
Looking to the North, Sandy Ridge Rd. Foreground Walkatop Rd. background (Allen's Lodge)
1970's. taken off Montello Dr.
Feeding the Geese,
near the lagoons 1970's
Bad landing on the old runway
that ran next to Sandrock Dr. 1972
1972, Opps.
(Car in background is
on Sandrock Rd.)
Pacific Light and Power Company,
still standing today near Elizabeth Lake Rd. photo 1970's
Pacific Light and Power Company,
Try this link to Huntington Digital Library photos of the
Switching Station
Do you remember the
Gymkana at Lake Hughes.
(Now the Lake Hughes sewer treatment plant)
"ETI correl 19" horse shows
and Gymkana. Lk. Hughes
The once but now removed,
Old Stage Stop & Hotel
North of Golf Course
Helen feeding those Donkey's
along Ranch Club Rd.
in the '80's.
looking for the Donkeys
San Francisquito Canyon, '60's
San Francisquito Canyon
(Youtube Link to Saint Francis Dam)
San Francisquito Canyon.
(Here is a link to the old Saint Francis Dam)
The California Aqueduct late 1960's
California State Water Project
View towards
Lookabout rd. & Elizabeth Lake Rd.
1972, Inside the intersection at
Elizabeth Lake Rd. & Johnson Rd.
(caddy corner to the Church)
looking West to the Golf Course.
Montello Dr. looking east before there was a Golf Course
Montello Dr. Looking to Johnson rd.
& Elizabeth Lake rd., small fire in background
Lagoons, fishing, swimming or just hanging out. Alfalfa field for the horse's on the east side of Ranch Club Rd.
1972 notice the ponds and
the old road other then
Ranch Club rd.
Early 1980's
Back of Edgewater Park's Post Card
Post Card of Edgewater Park,
across from Forestry's Boat ramp.
Closed in the late 1960's
Edgewater Park In 2010
No more Hamburgers or Hot Dogs
Edgewater Park In 2010
Locust Tree Grill (The Painted Turtle)
Munz Lake (The Painted Turtle)
Horse Show at the Ranch Club. Early to mid 1970's
Horse show, Ranch Club. Have I seen that red flatbed truck running today?
Horse show. Looking North to Flintstone Dr.
"You look over there and I will look over here, OK."
Horse show, looking North towards Cabin Dr.
Gayle (Mockabee) Roth, handing out Awards, prior to working at the Water company
Elizabeth Lake Circa late 1940's
Elizabeth Lake Circa 2006